History of MIRBIS Institute

Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Institute) was established and is developing as one of the largest institutions of higher education in Russia that trains professional managers in Russian business community.


Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Institute) was founded in 1988 in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between Italy and the USSR, at the initiative of prof. Vladimir Groshev, Rector of the Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy (now Plekhanov Russian University of Economics) and the then President of Economic research Society NOMISMA professor Romano Prodi, later – Prime-Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission.


MIRBIS Institute was the first business school in Russia to develop an MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme. Leading scholars and practitioners from eight countries of the world took part in the development of the programme. In 1990 MIRBIS Institute became the first non-state independent business school in Russia that was accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Master's, MBA and Executive MBA programmes of MIRBIS business school are currently accredited by AMBA.


MIRBIS Institute launched the DEMOS (Demilitarization. Education. Cooperation) retraining programme for military personnel within the framework of which Soviet Army officers learned how to adapt to civilian life. Russian Navy's Baltic and Northern Fleet officers, wounded men in hospitals and the Baikonur Cosmodrome's military personnel underwent retraining programmes.


MIRBIS Institute was selected by the UN Commission on Research as the co-author of the Russian Federation Report in World Competitiveness Yearbook published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. Within the framework of this project, a group of experts from MIRBIS Institute led by a renowned economist and science organizer Professor R.A. Belousov carried out annual research on the Russian Federation for 10 years in cooperation with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and the World Economic Forum.

For the first time in Russia, a unique retraining programme DEMOS for military officers was launched. The DEMOS programme was highly evaluated by the European Economic Community in Brussels, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Federal Ministry of Defense of Germany.


MIRBIS Institute became the Russian regional Examining Centre of the UK Institute of Commercial Management (ICM).

Japanese Educational Centre of Management was established in MIRBIS Institute.


MIRBIS Institute obtained the status of "Higher School".


The London Guildhall University Advisory Committee (now London Metropolitan University) accredited MIRBIS MBA programme. Joint Degree Programme between MIRBIS Institute and London Guildhall University was launched. The programme was operated until 2016 when it was suspended due to the reorganization of LMU.


Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 23, 1997 № 774 MIRBIS Institute was mandated to train Russian specialists in national economy. At the same time, the Human Resource Development Centre for training and retraining of managers was established.

MIRBIS Institute successfully passed a strategic audit conducted by the European Training Foundation as part of the EU project in Russia and Central Europe for compliance with the requirements of international business schools.


Among 15 Russian higher education institutions, MIRBIS Institute was authorized to issue a state diploma to MBA graduates.


The first graduates of the joint programme "International Corporate Finance" were awarded Master's Degree Diploma of Middlesex University in the Wimbledon conference hall, UK.

The Career Development and Employment Centre was established in MIRBIS. The MIRBIS Institute's Alumni Association was established.


PhD programmes in "Economics and National Economy Management" and "Finance, money circulation and credit" were introduced.

MIRBIS Institute funds and carries out retraining programmes for military personnel in a remote area of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, social programmes in Moscow and Moscow region hospitals.


Programme quality management department of the UK Ministry of Education, major UK universities including London Metropolitan University accredited MIRBIS Institute's MBA programme for the next five years.

MIRBIS Institute was awarded International Gold Award to Quality 2002 at the 14 th QC 100 International Quality Convention in London. The Club of Honorary Professors of MIRBIS Institute was founded.


MIRBIS Institute implemented pre-university courses for 250 Moscow schools according to the system "school-university". MIRBIS Institute cooperated with more than 30 major schools (regular partners).

MIRBIS started the Executive MBA level programme for the training of top management.

MBA programme studies began in MIRBIS affiliated branches.

The "MIRBIS Lecture Hall" was opened to hold meetings with outstanding scholars, politicians and prominent economists.


MIRBIS Institute and the scientific journal "Naukovedenie" held a round table "Integration of science and education in modern Russia".

The MIRBIS MBA programme was accredited by the International Association of MBAs (AMBA) that demonstrates compliance with international quality standards of business education.

The Russian-Chinese Center for Business Education Development was opened in MIRBIS Institute.


At the annual conference of the International Association of MBAs (AMBA), Rector of MIRBIS Institute S. L. Savin was awarded a certificate of accreditation for all MIRBIS MBA programmes for a five-year period until 2010.


The International Association of MBAs (AMBA) accredited the Master's programmes of MIRBIS Institute.

The Bachelor's programmes of MIRBIS Institute received international EPAS accreditation of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).


The Financial Corporation URALSIB became a strategic partner of MIRBIS Institute.

The new campus of MIRBIS Institute was opened at the address Marksistskaya St., 34, bldg. 7.

MIRBIS Master's programmes received state accreditation.


MIRBIS Institute became a member of the world's best business schools consortium - the World Executive Education Alliance.

MIRBIS Institute was ranked by the Eduniversal International Ranking Agency as the second business school in Russia in terms of international recognition and influence.

According to "The Secret of the Firm" magazine MIRBIS Institute was recognized as the most famous business school in Russia.

The grand opening of the MIRBIS Arab Center for Management took place.


In 2009 the International Association of MBAs (AMBA) accredited the MBA and Master's programmes of MIRBIS Institute.


Bachelor's programmes of MIRBIS Institute received for the second time international EPAS accreditation of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

MIRBIS Institute was selected on a competitive basis as the international internship project executor under a state contract for the graduates of the Presidential Programme on Training Managers.

MIRBIS Institute became an educational partner of the All-Russian Youth Forum "Seliger-2010" (the section "You are an entrepreneur!").


The international EMBA Consortium was established between ALMA Business School of the University of Bologna (Italy), COPPEAD Graduate School of Business (Brazil), Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University (USA) and MIRBIS Business University. The first group of executive directors underwent training within the international module.

MIRBIS Institute jointly with the Sheffield Hallam University"s Business School won the British Council competition on creating the "Youth Entrepreneurship Centre".


MIRBIS Institute became a founding member of the Non-Profit Partnership "National Accreditation Council for Business and Management Education in Russia" (NASDOBR).

MIRBIS Institute was ranked first among Russian business schools in the category of international recognition by the Eduniversal International Ranking Agency.

MIRBIS Institute in cooperation with London Metropolitan University launched Russian-British Master's programme in Human Resources Management Strategy aimed at directors of HR management departments in major Russian and foreign companies.

MIRBIS Institute was recognized as the most famous business school in Russia according to the Russian business education market research conducted by the Russian MBA's League and Superjob.ru.

MIRBIS Institute and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation launched a joint degree programme.

MIRBIS Institute together with the Sheffield University's Business School won the British Council competition; MIRBIS became the executor of the project "Youth Entrepreneurship Centre".


MIRBIS Institute was ranked 1st among Russian business schools in the category of international recognition by the Eduniversal International Ranking Agency.

MIRBIS Institute won the competition organized by the Dutch Government to carry out joint research and training on the topics "Corporate social responsibility, human rights and environmental safety of business".

According to the ranking of top 1000 business schools by the Eduniversal International Ranking Agency, MIRBIS Institute took the 3rd place among Russian business schools after St. Petersburg University and Moscow State University.

MIRBIS Institute took the 40th place in the ranking "100 Best Russian Universities" by Expert RA Rating Agency, and the 2nd place in the ranking of Russian business schools by "MBA in Moscow and Russia" portal and the Izvestia newspaper.

MIRBIS Institute took the 1st place in the corporate training category "Personnel Training and Development-2013" at the 14th Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit.

According to the Elite Personnel newspaper, MIRBIS Institute took the 1st place in the annual rating "Index of leadership. The best business schools in Russia".

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation Galym Orazbakov and Dean of University of Bologna’s Alma Graduate School Massimo Bergami joined the ranks of MIRBIS Institute Honorary professors.


In the global ranking Top 1000 Business Schools by the international ranking agency EDUNIVERSAL, MIRBIS Institute took the 3rd place with 4 palmes of excellence among business schools in Russia after St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University.

In the Edunuiversal Best Masters Ranking 2014:

MIRBIS Institute took

MBA, EMBA and Master's programmes of MIRBIS Institute were re-accredited by the Association MBA`s (АМВА) for the next 5 years until 2019.

In 2014 MIRBIS MBA Programme was the first to be accredited by National Council for Business Education (NASDOBR) and to receive Certificate №1.

MIRBIS Institute obtained the status of a registration center of the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM, UK).

In 2014 MIRBIS Global EMBA Programme was recognized as the best among seven business schools participating in the international EMBA Consortium (USA, Italy, South Africa, Brasilia, China, Turkey, Russia).

Representatives of more than 40 companies underwent the training according to GRI Accreditation programme.

Three Russian-Dutch CSR programmes were launched.

23 events were organized by MIRBIS students in the framework of the projects "Grandchildren of Veterans" and "Help the child!"


MIRBIS Institute co-organized Russia"s first meeting of MBA graduates of Russian AMBA-accredited business schools.

Eric Cornwell, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of EFMD, was elected Honorary Professor of MIRBIS Institute.


Jomart Fazylovich Aliev, a well-known manager in the business community, top manager of major Russian companies became head of MIRBIS Institute.


MIRBIS Institute began to implement a new concept of continuous business education.