International Sports Management

International Sports Management
International Sports Management

Graduates of the professional retraining programme gain skills of conducting sport projects and taking part in them

Advantages of the programme

·         Minimum of theory! Only practical knowledge - the programme is built on the real experience of teachers who will not only tell students about projects but also teach them how to create projects;

·         A clear study plan based on daily needs of sports managers;

·         Teachers and business coaches representing Russian and international sports organizations and agencies;

·         Possibility of internships: you will see the best examples of sport management with your own eyes;

·         The best knowledge and training practices of MIRBIS, one of the leading business schools in Russia;

·         International experience that is adapted and applied in Russia;

·         Online training ;

·         Constant online connection with teachers.

The International School of Sports Management of MIRBIS Institute trains managers within the professional retraing programme "International Sports Management".

Tuition fees
180,000 Rub
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The programme is aimed at

·         Chief executives of sports organizations, clubs, federations and leagues

·         Chief executives of key areas and specialists of sports organizations

·         Employees of sports event organizing committees

·         Chief executives and specialists in the commercial exploitation of sports facilities

·         Specialists in marketing and communicating with fans

·         Specialists qualified to deal with sponsors and media partners in sports industry

·         Specialists organizing sports events

·         Amateur sports organizers