Congratulations to the Masters of Business Administration!

On February 8, 2018 a solemn graduation ceremony was held for the graduates of the MBA programmes in Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Investment and Construction Business Management, as well as Executive MBA graduates.

11 February 2018
Congratulations to the Masters of Business Administration!

180 students have successfully completed their training and received diplomas of professional retraining of Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS. But what's more important is that by completion of the training students have acquired new knowledge, managerial tools to implement their new ideas and plans.

MBA theses were written on the following topics:

  • Development of company strategy – more than 80.

  • Development of business processes, business models – more than 50.

  • Development of new products – more than 20.

  • Development of financial policy, financial strategy, internal audit – 14.

  • Development of new brands – 6.

  • Development of measures to exit the operational management of business owners - 3 etc.

Rector of MIRBIS Institute M. Zhivaev, Business school MIRBIS Executive Director E. Pereverzeva and heads of the programmes E. Lisitsina, A. Sergeev,
E. Boychenko, M. Korskaova congratulated the MBA graduates.

They addressed the graduates with parting words pointing out that during the training students sought to get the most out of the programmes and wished the graduates to remember their Alma Mater as well as success in achieving all the goals, personal growth and professional development!

The graduates expressed gratitude for the time spent at MIRBIS, thanked the teaching faculty for the opportunity to move to a new level of professional development due to the unique knowledge and experience acquired at MIRBIS business school.

Julia Pliskanos, Henkel, MBA Marketing Management:

I do love studying. It is the third education I receive. It is time to refresh and structure accumulated wide work experience and discover new things.

I have chosen MIRBIS for a reason. First of all, my friends and colleagues recommended this business school. Second, MIRBIS offers flexible programmes with flexible structure of modules. MIRBIS has a unique and amazing atmosphere, teaching staff charge students with their inexhaustible energy. This year MIRBIS is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary and I want to wish my beloved school development, prosperity and new ideas.

Svetlana Shlyapenkova, Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant, MBA Financial Management:

Our company usually sends department directors to MIRBIS Institute to undergo training. When I was appointed head of the Planning and Economic department, the management of the company offered me to undergo training. As a result, I ended up here.

MIRBIS helped me to systematize and sort out the knowledge that has already been accumulated and acquire new skills.

I would like to congratulate MIRBIS on the coming anniversary and wish a long life and preservation of the amazing energy that surrounds everyone who comes here.

Dmitry Kotrovskiy, partner of PIN GROUP, MBA Management of Investment and Construction Business:

Why did I decide to get an MBA? First of all, it is the community you look up to. Second, I wanted to understand how the theory corresponds to today's Russian practice. And third, certainly today any transition from business either to the regulator or the executive authority obliges to have MBA knowledge. All this has forced me to dive into the ocean named MIRBIS.

I wish MIRBIS success and good students. Let the branches open in 85 regions of the Russian Federation!

Anastasia Kislinskaya, project manager at Tula plant of translucent structures MBA Strategic Management:

The world is changing rapidly, to be successful and to move on, one needs new knowledge. I set my mind to study an MBA back in 2007. Unfortunately, then I studied only two months. But I always wanted to complete my studies and in 2015 I resumed my studies. Today finally, I have received my long-awaited diploma.

I wish MIRBIS further development. After all, education is the value that is always important. People grow both personally and professionally only when they study. And MIRBIS is the best place for it! 

We congratulate our wonderful graduates and wish them new achievements!

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