MIRBIS and Developer's School launched a new industry partnership project

The best professionals of the development industry's competence center will share their knowledge and practical experience with students.

11 February 2018
MIRBIS and Developer's School launched a new industry partnership project

The project is already in full swing, the first lectures were held in December, but the most interesting - management courses, master classes, international study tours - will be held this year.

The project programme includes:

Educational courses:

  • "Fundamentals of Development" February 17-18 , 2018

  • "Redevelopment Project Management" March 19-22, 2018

  • "Management of Integrated Development Project" March 26-29, 2018

  • "Effective Management Company" April 28-30, 2018

  • "Using Big Data and Neural Networks in Real Estate" May 24-25, 2018

  • "Product Management in Development" June 13-15, 2018

  • "Real Estate Marketing Analyst" June 2018

  • "Fundamentals of Development" September 8-9, 2018

  • "Redevelopment Project Management" November 2018

  • "Management of Integrated Development Project" November 2018

  • "Effective Management Company" November 2018

12 lectures on the future of development:

  1. "How consumption changes: trends that will change the industry" (December 2017).

  2. "Digital development in the digital economy (how big data and neural networks will change the real estate sector)" (February 2018).

  3. "Materials and technologies that will change the industry" (March 2018).

  4. "Future skills: forecasting the competency model of future development professions" (April 2018).

  5. "The theme of childhood in the future development" (May 2018).

  6. "Banks and financial and credit organizations: how the industry will change" (June 2018).

  7. "Formats and technologies of sales: what will change the industry " (July 2018).

  8. "Environmental and social threats and restrictions on construction types, models and technologies" (August 2018).

  9. "Unexpected and negative forecasts: what can be insured against and what should be avoided" (September 2018).

  10. "Development of agglomerations and a utopian city" (October 2018).

  11. "How globalization and the regional development strategy of Russia will redefine the real estate sector" (November 2018).

  12. "Final meeting: the industry in which we will live and work in 2040" (December 2018). 

Contact information:

Оrganizational issues:

Ekaterina Pereverzeva, manager of projects, department of short-term programs of MIRBIS Business School
mob: +7 495 921 41 80, ext.411
E-mail: business@mirbis.ru

Substantive issues: 

Elizaveta Martynova, partner of Developer's school
mob: +7 969 777 77 10 
E-mail: em@development-school.com

Developer's school has been making unique educational products for the key persons of Russian development since 2015. 

Developer's school was established as an independent organization by the KEY CAPITAL investment company with the support of the architectural community ARCHIPEOPLE in 2017. Since the 2017-2018 academic year, Developer's school has been cooperating with Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS on the basis of which industry professional development programs and consulting services are implemented. 

Today, Developer's School is a developing educational environment that unites a network of 5000 contacts throughout Russia, the former CIS countries and abroad. Only practitioners and the best professionals of the market provide training at Developer's school. This approach ensures exponential growth of the skills and competencies of our students. Students of the Developer's School learn how to implement projects in new areas previously unknown to them or bring their skills to a new level.

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