N.G. Pecheritsa was a China expert on CGTN TV channel

N.G. Pecheritsa, the Head of the International Department in Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS, gave an interview to the Chinese TV channel CGTN. The international TV channel in the Russian language invited her to act as a China expert.

13 December 2017
N.G. Pecheritsa was a China expert on CGTN TV channel

Today many Russians have overcome crisis and are searching for suitable clothes and goods. According to statistics, Russian people have made almost 90% of online-purchases.

The company Alibaba, operating in the area of Internet-commerce, has already opened three branches in Moscow to satisfy demand. People mainly choose this distribution channel for economic reasons. Alibaba has already agreed with Russian authorities on improving customer service and operation of post officers to deliver products more quickly and expansion of distribution points.

Companies TELE 2, Yandex and MAIL.RU have also launched their own project.

“Definitely we are not as quick as before, but competition is very intensive” – says N.G. Pecheritsa. – If the customs tax is imposed on goods supplied by AliExpress, many changes in the market may occur.”

The Russian government is considering the adoption of a new law that implies imposition of a tax on goods sold through online trading platforms.

Experts expect that Alibaba will hold leading positions on the Russian market but in case of introducing a new tax, there will be new advantages for companies on the Russian market and redistribution of online market shares between local and overseas players.

Subsidiary company of Alibaba AliExpress is one of the most popular online trading platforms in Russia, each of which totals 15, 5 million clients per month. Online-purchases on the platform are a considerable part of the domestic market of electronic commerce. However, a new Russian law may restrict the growth of AliExpress because Moscow strives to support local Internet shops.

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