Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance The educational programme is developed basing on the analysis of real business cases of various Russian and international companies. The course includes preparation for international certification in accordance with IPMA standards.

 3 key reasons to study at MIRBIS Institute

- Faculty consists of both academic professors and experts from leading Russian and foreign companies.

- Innovative educational technologies and digital learning used in the process of training: case studies, business games, virtual class, trainings, master-classes, guest lectures and visits, special courses in English.

- Development of real business skills that provide good opportunities for graduates to find a prestigious job upon graduation.
We assist our graduates to get employed in the world's most prestigious companies. 

Tuition fees
from 225,000 Rub

The training programme prepares students for a successful career in banking, insurance or investment business.

You will learn how to apply different tools for the effective use of financial capital.

The programme is based on the analysis of real-world business experience of different Russian and international companies and preparation for the international certification according to IPMA standards.

Advantages of the programme
- Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of financial analysis, taxation and lending;

- Getting acquainted with the real experience of Russian banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions through the master-classes and meetings with leading experts and the best graduates of MIRBIS Institute;

- Studying international financial reporting standards in conjunction with business English;

- Obtaining the skills of project and organization management;

- Graduates are entitled to 20% fee reduction for MBA and Executive MBA programmes;

- Access to the MIRBIS Alumni database for business development.

Graduate's Portfolio

- Bachelor degree in Economics

- European Diploma Supplement

- BEC (Business English Certificate), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), ICM (The Institute of Commercial Management)

- Professional certificates in special courses

-  Certificates of special courses taught by foreign teachers

Entrance examinations (results of the Unified State Examination):



-Social science .

Bachelor's degree programmes in Economics are designed for a 4-year completion time:

- full-time studies: 4 years


Mode of study


Tuition fee, Rub/semester

Tuition fee, Rub


8 semesters




9 semesters



Distance learning

9 semesters




Admission for 2017/18 academic year is open!

Official educational document : Bachelor’s Degree of MIRBIS

Bachelor's programmes. Education pathway

1st and 2nd academic year – studies take place at MIRBIS Institute in Moscow, Russia. During the first 2 years students study different subjects and learn the fundamentals of the disciplines. At the end of the 2nd year students focus on in-depth research in the chosen field of study.

Students do internship at MIRBIS partner enterprises.

In the 3rd year students with a certificate of minimum 6 points have the opportunity to apply for the academic exchange programme and to study a semester in one of 68 partner universities in different countries of Europe, America, Asia or Australia .

3rd and 4th year – students study major subjects with great emphasis on developing project activity skills through interdisciplinary research projects.

8th semester,4th year -  an international module. The programme is developed in conjunction with the partner universities in Germany, France, Italy, the USA, China, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and other countries. The module broadens students' horizons, develops teamwork skills (including international) and core competencies for working in a global international environment.

Externships and pre-graduation internships are held in Russian as well as international MIRBIS partner companies.  


Bachelor's programmes. Individual pathway

MIRBIS bachelor graduates receive knowledge and competencies corresponding to the standards of completed higher education.

Full-time bachelor's programmes provide an opportunity to combine studies at the intersection of education fields. Thus, for example, a graduate with bachelor degree in Management can continue academic study at postgraduate level in economics, law or other fields. Such shift increases professional skills and as a result demand in the labor market.

Moreover, early planning and development of career which gives an opportunity to form the graduate’s portfolio starting from the 1st year of study.

Bachelor's programmes. Business mentors

Students in project-oriented groups do practical exercises with representatives of Russian and international business. Classes include business incubator workshops, active participation of employers in the educational and extracurricular activities of students.

Mentors teach students how to interact with the business community by involving upper-year students in corporate projects. There are special conditions for interns set in accordance with the agreement with MIRBIS Institute: a flexible work schedule, the possibility of conducting research, the use of company data for writing a diploma / master's thesis.