MBA in Yekaterinburg: a new group started on May 28!

MIRBIS students were warmly welcomed by the Center for Business Education (CBO) of Yekaterinburg, which is trusted by more than 3000 enterprises of the Ural region and other regions of Russia. 

31 May 2021
MBA in Yekaterinburg: a new group started on May 28!
The group was opened online by the executive director of MIRBIS, Fyodor Fyodorov, who told about the school, the MBA program and what lies ahead for the students. And the executive director of the Center for Business Education (CBO) Olga Zhigaltsova, who carried an energy charge through the entire first day of the training on team building!

By choosing to study in this MBA program, students will receive a unique combination of benefits from the MIRBIS Business School and the Center for Business Education (CBO):
  • new relevant management knowledge and solutions for career and business development;
  • the most popular MBA program is Strategic Management and Organization Management
  • expertise of the best MBA teachers (teaching experience + experience in business management and consulting)
  • modern training technologies
  • flexible payment terms, convenient schedule of classes (4 days a month)

Classes will be held in Yekaterinburg and Moscow, the program completely repeats the MBA curriculum, 100% Moscow teaching staff and (!) AMBA accreditation.

MIRBIS team thanks all the students of the MBA group and the companies they represent for their trust and choice of the school!

And of course the partner in the Urals for the organization and support of the educational process!

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