MIRBIS Institute's Business School Executive Director E.I. Pereverzeva received "Best Business School Lecturer" award

On November 30, 2017 the Effective Business Education Awards ceremony was held within the framework of the "Effective Business Education" Forum. Elena I. Pereverzeva won the "Best Business School Lecturer" award for the contribution to entrepreneurship programmes. 

1 December 2017
MIRBIS Institute's Business School Executive Director E.I. Pereverzeva received "Best Business School Lecturer" award

The Effective Business Education Awards 2017 was created to support the development of business and vocational education in Russia, to identify the best practices and experience exchange between the market participants, to develop joint educational projects and promote internal corporate education in Russian companies. The Award was presented by Alexei Bilanov, a player of the Russian TV club "What? Where? When?"


The "Effective Business Education 2017" Forum was attended by leading Russian experts in the field of practical implementation of educational and corporate programmes and projects, educational marketing, improving the quality of provided educational services etc. The participants discussed the topical issues of developing partnership in the field of corporate education, exchanged experience and successful practices, had a chance to establish contacts among the professional community. 


The main topics were the specific features of teaching adults, involvement methods that allow to involve absolutely all participants in the entrepreneurship training. All the speakers emphasized how important it is for teachers to give students not only knowledge and skills but also to change people's attitude to themselves, their colleagues, business processes, customers etc.


Most experts including E. Pereverzeva put emphasis on the transformation of educational programmes, methodology and techniques of training to meet modern requirements. The speakers cited cases from different industries. Thus, the "Fingers" manicure and pedicure salon had to teach their employees not only professional skills but also psychology.

In Sibur company within the framework of the corporate training program, they were able to shift the process of adaptation of a new employee for the period of his/her education at school and university. Usually the adaptation period took 2-5 years after going to work. MIRBIS Business School told about the advent of the era of "ubiquitous entrepreneurship", about the difference between managerial and entrepreneurial skills and the creation of educational ecosystems.


We congratulate Elena Pereverzeva on winning such an honourable award! 

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