Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS celebrates 30th anniversary

Main Business School of Russia: 30 years of successful work.
10 December 2018
Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS celebrates 30th anniversary
On Friday, December 7, a solemn event was held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the MIRBIS School.

Since its foundation, Russia's first independent private business school offering MBA specializations has trained 34,000 graduates, retrained at least 7,000 military officers, provided hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises with personnel, developed and offered business models for effective entrepreneurship.

Rector of Institute MIRBIS Nikolay Tsvetkov congratulated the founders of the Institute, teaching faculty, students and graduates on the anniversary and emphasized the school’s key guidelines that allow it to remain the defining portrait of the Russian MBA institute.

"First of all, it is a qualitative transition from a school with huge knowledge assets to a decision-making system, to a "school of decisions". For us, a new direction should be what a new trend is today in the world economy, world education, world industry. This is digitalization, this is online education.

Our school remains the benchmark of the Russian business education market, and high expectations are set for it, including by the state. For which I believe the school can do a lot of interesting and useful in terms of value management at all levels", — said Nikolay Tsvetkov.

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