Congratulations on the anniversary of Stanislav Leonidovich Savin!

There are noble people in the world who are called creators! They build houses, cities, worlds – not fairy-tale fantasies, but real creations, full of life, people and meanings. They develop projects, launch mechanisms and production, launch ships sweeping the oceans and fascinating with their sails. Stanislav Leonidovich Savin is just such a person!

17 August 2018
Congratulations on the anniversary of Stanislav Leonidovich Savin!

Dear Stanislav Leonidovich,

For 30 years, the MIRBIS Institute has been a "house created for those who believe in the power of knowledge", with a symbol of a noble blue colour, meaning the roof of the house, under which schoolchildren, students, entrepreneurs, middle and top managers gather.

Throughout each page of 30-year history, each employee, teacher, student has been engaged in the noblest activity - education. In this matter, You give us optimism and a positive spirit!

From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate You on the anniversary! 

We wish you good health, inspiration, creative success, happiness and prosperity.

Best wishes,

Big friendly 30-year-old MIRBIS team

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