The conference “Just family”: We tell how to launch new products to the market.

In the penultimate week of the year Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS held a marketing conference called “How to launch new products to the market” under the leadership of Evgeniy Boichenko. It took place within the framework of a series of conferences “Just family” which are organised by School of Business MIRBIS and “MBA – Marketing-Management” programme. The main rules of this conference are: only precise formulations, practical knowledge and detailed expertise.

20 December 2017
The conference “Just family”: We tell how to launch new products to the market.

Mihail Dimshits, CEO of the company “Dimshits and partners”, was one of the speakers at the conference. He told about the initial consumer socialization and the specifics of research during the launch of new products.

He discussed promotion channels with the audience noting that traditional advertisement forms the initial awareness.

Irina Komendantova, a student of “MBA-Marketing- Management” programme, introduced several case studies regarding the launch of new products. She told about the crisis of ideas and remarked that sometimes innovations look more difficult than they really are.

Anatoliy Iasinskiy, a co-owner and CEO of the marketing agency “POV-Point of View” and POV-SPB, spoke about creativity and importance of rituals for consumers. The existing products already have a ritual of consumption.  It is difficult for a new product to adjust to a daily rhythm of a person without its ritual. Rituals unite people and allow new products to assimilate.

Yana Kudriavtseva, ex-marketing director in IBS, told about “New school” and the introduction of new products on the market of additional education. “New school” is a private school where studies are based on new standards creating unique educational environment. Yana also explained the specifics of launching educational products to the market. “New school” offers additional services for pupils and beyond schools. For instance, now they are planning to provide tutorial services not only to pupils but also to everyone who wishes. According to Yana, there is a great demand for a good additional education for children in Moscow.

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