The story of how to make our world better!

5 February 2019
The story of how to make our world better!

The problem of the disappearance of the temples-monuments of cultural and historical heritage is increasing not only in Russia but worldwide. Initially the founder of the Fund started her activity as a volunteer to a charitable organization that has been engaged in the salvation of such objects for more than 10 years. As later described in one of the interview: “People are shocked by the majestic beauty which touch the soul and does not let it go, the harmonious combination of nature and grace despite of the very dilapidated conditions and a deep sorrow and pain emanating as a result”. Most of these pearls could become world-class masterpieces.

In rural areas the population has a deep need for a cultural and spiritual renewal of life.  The whole life of the villagers and individuals from birth to death is linked to the temple. It has always been the epicenter of the ordinary life of the village but now it more often looks like the epicenter of suffering. Restoration of the temple for local residents is perceived as a positive change and the development of the village. Such restoration activity makes sense and brings value to society, benefiting and inspiring people, pushing them to good deeds. It illuminates the light of hope that, finally, the life begins to revive. 

Restoration of the rural temple as an object of cultural and spiritual heritage entails the process of economic and social changes, as well as the creation of opportunities, the formation of conditions for a full-fledged spiritual, moral and psychological development, especially of the younger generation. There is a space of different possibilities for further realization of their potential. The restoration of the temple gives impetus to the sustainable development of society. Consequently the preservation of historical memory ensures the continuity of generations and the unity of society.

The Charity Fund "Preservation of the Cultural Heritage" White Iris " was registered in 2016. The Fund restored the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (1770) in Kurba of the Yaroslavl Region. The flow of tourists has increased, the local community began to form, the villagers and children were involved in the development of excursion programs for the guests, the village became visible to the authorities and the Eparchy firstly for the last 20 years. Cultural events were held for the first time (this year-Family Day, love and fidelity, regional folklore competition "Broad Circle"). The regional authorities cultivates a village development program. In the fall 2018 the Fund begins to conduct emergency and conservation work of the monument. There are currently five temples-objects of cultural heritage under the trusteeship of the Foundation. This activity gives inspiration and energy for a positive changes.

More details about the Fund’s success can be found at: 

Our awards

Institute MIRBIS received an invitation to the AMBA Excellence Awards in the category MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award 2019 (Third Sector).

Our project was selected out of the hundreds of applicants by a jury of nominees. It is a great honor and gives us the strength to go on.

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