Presidential programme

Presidential programme

The programme graduates are included in a specialized federal database to form a management personnel reserve. 


  • Management in commerce
  • Marketing: strategic stability of enterprises at a competitive market
  • Corporate finance 
Tuition fees

The main goal of the programme is to provide organizations of the national economy of the Russian Federation with highly qualified specialists in the field of production management and organization who meet the modern economy requirements, effectively work in market conditions and know managerial culture and experience of leading foreign countries.

The presidential programme is aimed at improving the performance quality of senior management in accordance with leading international standards.

The programme graduates are included in specialized federal database for the subsequent formation of a management personnel reserve.

According to the terms of the Presidential programme, 66% of the programme cost is funded from the state budget. And  34% of the programme cost is paid either by a sending organization or by the programme participants at their own expense.

Vocational retraining programmes implemented in the presidential programme for the training of managerial personnel 

Vocational retraining programme "Corporate finance"

The MIRBIS Institute has developed a training programme that includes practical classes with well-known teachers and financiers and foreign internships. The programme prepares specialists who know how to create a competitive company and successfully manage it in the current conditions of the Russian economy.

The programme graduates are included in a specialized federal information database to form a federal and regional personnel reserve.

Vocational retraining programme "Мarketing: strategic stability of enterprises at a competitive market"

Students receive knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to consider the impact of strategic marketing on management decisions and effectively manage the enterprise marketing at a competitive market.

Within the framework of the programme the study of classical marketing is combined with successful practical cases of Russian enterprises

The programme graduates will be able to organize independently a marketing department in an enterprise, develop and implement a successful marketing concept and carry out a complex of marketing research.

Vocational retraining programme "Management in commerce"

Students obtain relevant knowledge in the field of management with knowledge of entrepreneurship, commercial business. The knowledge can be applied in the activities of the organizational units in commercial companies.

The training is focused on issues of management activities, organization of commercial marketing and advertising work, developing proposals for managerial decisions and applying the knowledge gained in the analysis of specific situations.