Development programme for businesswomen

Development programme for businesswomen

The objective of the programme is to support women managers and entrepreneurs on their way to self-realization. We open new opportunities for women to make a positive change in business, life and society. 

In MIRBIS Institute we believe that a successful woman is a happy woman, she charges people with positive energy. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to maintain balance, make decisions which will contribute to the success of the woman and the company. Women's involvement in management has a positive effect on a working environment, the overall effectiveness and consequently on the business result.  

Tuition fees
59,000 Rub

The programme is aimed at

  • women who hold management positions in corporations and aspire to hold the position of CEO
  • female owners of small and medium-sized businesses who want to take their business to new heights

Value for women students

  • Investment in personal development of leadership competencies
  • Intensive training and group work with a coach
  • Solutions to the most pressing career and leadership issues
  • Networking to achieve great goals
  • The support of women's business community, mentors and experts