Executive MBA

Executive MBA
Executive MBA Executive MBA programme is the successful manager' roadmap, which is focused on solving problems in the development of a company or business.

Advantages of the programme

  • The Executive MBA programme is developed on the basis of a 30-year partnership with more than 125 Russian and foreign companies as well as MIRBIS partner universities in France, Germany, Italy and the USA.
  • The Executive MBA programme of MIRBIS Institute is designed to find answer to the question – what an effective leader needs today so that his company can work effectively tomorrow.
  • One interdisciplinary group project (combining strategy, marketing, finance) and a final project (thesis). Thus, the manager has an opportunity to explore new ideas or effectiveness of the current projects during the training.
  • The group consists of executives with managerial experience. This ensures an effective exchange of experience and in-group consulting.
  • The training includes an international Global Executive MBA module in Italy, the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, the UK and India, which allows to expand the exchange of experience, knowledge and personal connections.   
  • The programme is awarded AMBA international accreditation that confirms the compliance of the programme with international quality standards.
  • Experienced team of teachers with consulting work experience and experience of teaching business disciplines to executives.

Tuition fees
1,300,000 Rub

During the training executives systematize the knowledge necessary for making decisions and develop managerial skills. The programme provides a conceptual approach for effective company management. Mastering the methods of strategic and corporate management allows the executives to organize an effective management system, carry out structural changes in the company, prioritize investment policy, increase market share, take a leading position and obtain the relevant growth of market value of the enterprise.

The programme is aimed at

Senior managers and business owners as well as managers of functional departments directly subordinated to the head of the department and taking part in the strategic development of the company. The training for executives implies the exchange of experience according to the following scheme "students - practitioner teachers - students"