Intership in Russia

Intership in Russia

Good reasons to intern in Russia  

  • Explore the largest country in the world from the subtropical climate of the Black Sea to the arctic temperatures of Siberia.
  • Enjoy renowned museums, famous theaters and ornate buildings and many world heritage sites. 
  • Experience a unique culture – influenced from both Europe and Asia. 
  • Start your international career in a growing economy and a great destination, major political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of Russia.
  • Improve your Russian, gain a personal perspective on today's Russia.


Tuition fees
2 500$

General Information 

Public: BA, MA students.

Language: English.

Dates: 14th of June – 27th of July 2019

Job Descriptions

Assessment Methods

Students will complete and be graded on an individual work at the end of intership 

Programme Fees 

2500 $ 

Included in the Programme

  • Company visits
  • MIRBIS library
  • WiFi access inside the School
  • MIRBIS Gym
  • Sightseeing excursions (Red Square, Zhostovo, Boat trip on the Moscow river) and optional trip to St.Petersburg* (plus 400 Euros)

Accommodation is Included 

double room | hotel (42 nights) 

Cost of room per night 67$ (33,5$ for 1person)

the costs $* 1407

The program cost does NOT include: 

  • visa fees
  • medical insurance
  • food. 

* depending on the student` preferences and interests Institute MIRBIS provides different opportunities upon a request.

*optional: trip to St.Petersburg (plus 400 Euros)

Day 1

- Arrival to St.Petersburg

- Accomodation

- Breakfast at the hotel

- Excursions: Peter and Paul fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, a visit to Aurora

- Dinner

Day 2


- Breakfast at the hotel 

- Excursion: the Hermitage

- Lunch

- Excursion: Peterhof 

- Dinner

- Departure

No past experience required. The internships leverage your academic or extra-curricular work. You will have clear instructions on what to do and support from the coordinator and local colleagues.